The beginning to “reach the unreachable”

With a team of merely three, Positive Ants was formed in July 2014.The thought behind to start this initiative is very simple, yet a complicated issue.. If ignored.We would have seen or read that a wide analysis is done on various streams based on race, caste, creed discriminations.. But we are practically encountering the major hindrance on imparting knowledge and quality education to the needy and less privileged.


Apart from that the awareness on health and hygiene and environmental hazards is also a majorconcern.. About which the children are not properly educated on.The founder, who comes from a rural background, has struggled to create an identity in between the privileged children who has the best facilities to learn.


That is when our founder thought that the children in the rural areas are to be nurtured to expose the talent of the child, because no child is under talented. It is very important to explore the hidden talents. This lead to the thought of decreasing the gap discrimination in knowledge imparts.Only providing basis study materials will really not help the children.. They need to have a consistent parallel support system to keep this going.On acting upon this Positive Ants was formed to decrease the distance between the reachable and the unreachable.


"Reaching the Unreached" Our trust will want to improve the education standard, primary hygiene and lifestyle of students and their family in the remote regions of Ind…
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Creating awareness through Education and bringing out the potential in the younger generation to safeguard our environment and Uplift the standard of living in rural part of our co…
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Inspired by the Dedication of ANTS and motivated by the Unity and Integrity of their Community. We took a Positive approach towards service of community. We are like ants who volun…
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Our Decicated Team

Trilok G Mylar

Trilok G Mylar


Hi I am Mechanical Engineer by profession. We all have born for a reason, Most of us think hard on it. I feel we are here to support each other. Inspired by Ants with the positive approach my thought always focused on serving society and restore our Environment.

The feel to be part of a good cause always keep me motivated.

Co-Founder- President

Sarika R

CoFounder - Secretary

Hi I am Teacher by profession. We will not take any thing at end of life. Every thing has an end except a good deed. I have dedicated my life to real service of society.

Women have great heart to do charity and our trust is the best platform for it

Dr. Hemalatha

Dr. Hemalatha Somashekar


Hi I am Dental Surgeon by profession.

Dilip K

Dilip K


Hi I am Software Engineer by profession. Everyone have the helping nature in them. only think is, they have to explore it. I have explored mine through positive ants charitable trust, where i feel immense of happiness by serving the needy people.

I am motivated by the trust to serve in better direction and good cause.

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