As a well known provided says nature fulfils the needs of the mankind, but the greed of human being is destroying the nature.

We in positive ants aim towards awareness on creating the environment and restoring the green nature. As how important it is to save our environment. We organize work, shops and awareness programs on the importance and use of a healthy and hygienic environment

The target audience is the school children as the basic knowledge of good environment can be induced in the children at the early age so that they grow up to save it.       

We are dedicated to environmental conservation and biodiversity. Each and every one of us must make a commitment to preserve and protect our environment. Dedicate to preserve resources, we are committed to lessening our environmental footprint and strive to be a “carbon neutral” organization.

 Below are some of our key practices.

  • Positive ants and partners promote appropriate technologies, renewable resources, conservation and innovation to enhance and environmental well being.
  • We strive to be paperless in all ways possible, and rely heavily on technology to do so.
  • All volunteer orientation materials are accessed online from our website, and we avoid paper mail brochures or fundraising materials at most possible.
  • We continuously apply environmental sustainability principles to the way we operate our organization.
  • We are committed to being proactive in our environmental stewardship and continually work on improving our environmental sustainable practices.

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INR 500
  • Donation Price1

  • Support one kids educational needs or monthly requirments like food, shelter and clothing
INR 1500
  • Donation Price2

  • Ensure one kids complete maintenance expense for a month.
INR 30,000
  • Donation Price3

  • For conducting an effective Medical camp