Health Care

Health Care

The basic requirements for a human being are food, Shelter and Clothing. Only these cannot assure a good living. Next comes the general health.

We in Positive Ants work towards creating awareness on general health. We organize medical camps in rural areas with the help of hospitals and they with all the best doctors come to the villages to give the health check up.

The doctors help in diagnosis of ailments if any and suggest the treatment for the same. We help the needy to get the subsidized treatment for their health issues. The villagers even get free medicines in our medical camps, for few general health issues.

Our next step in this activity is to help the deserving to get the treatment free of cost.

Few of our present programs are

  • General Medical camps in rural areas.
  • BP, Diabetes, ECG diagnosis.
  • Dental treatment camp.
  • Health awareness camps.
  • OBG and Gynec specialist camp.
  • Eye treatment camp
  • Ortho treatment camp
  • Cataract operation to the Poor and uncared elders.
  • Hygiene awareness camps.

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INR 500
  • Donation Price1

  • Support one kids educational needs or monthly requirments like food, shelter and clothing
INR 1500
  • Donation Price2

  • Ensure one kids complete maintenance expense for a month.
INR 30,000
  • Donation Price3

  • For conducting an effective Medical camp