This is a children home where we are taking care of 3 children giving them all the basic facilities like food, shelter, clothing, education and health support. These children are completely orphaned. We provide a proper system to take care of their requirements. We send them to a nearby school for all their educational needs. We have a maid to take care of them at in house and a teacher who do follow up to their knowledge growth.

We have created a healthy environment in house where the kids never feel left alone. We all care them as our own kids cherishing them and looking towards their sustainment in life.

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INR 500
  • Donation Price1

  • Support one kids educational needs or monthly requirments like food, shelter and clothing
INR 1500
  • Donation Price2

  • Ensure one kids complete maintenance expense for a month.
INR 30,000
  • Donation Price3

  • For conducting an effective Medical camp